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Irish Autumn

A blend of forest fruits with a subtle base of cinnamon.



Soy Wax Breakaways

For when you need a strong burst of fragrance instantly. Simply pop one of our Keltimelts into your melt warmer to release the strong fragrance for hours per melt. When you cannot smell it anymore – let it harden and scoop it out and replace with another one.

Why Soy Melts or Breakaways?

Wax melts are much safer than using an oil and water mixture, which can spit and splatter your walls. Water mixed with oil becomes incredibly hot and evaporates completely. Often the dish can then run dry and potentially explode! Because the fragrance in the wax evaporates but the wax doesn’t, you can be more confident in using your wax burner to fragrance your room. You continue to melt the wax until the fragrance has faded or you simply fancy a change!

How to use our melts or breakaways

Since there is no wick, you can simply warm the wax in an electric warmer/ tea light burner until the scent is no longer as strong as you’d like. Then remove the wax and replace it with fresh wax melts.

Never add water or oil to the wax melts, and remember to choose unscented tea lights to avoid confusing scents.


Stay Safe! 

  • Be careful not to overfill the dish/well. More does not necessarily mean you getting a stronger scent throw. Experiment with different amounts. Every scent and type of wax is different, as is the warmer or burner. Some electric warmers work best with a very thin layer of melted wax.
  • Always make sure your burner or warmer is on a heatproof surface. This is the same for candles. Some people use placemats or candle plates. It is your responsibility to ensure that your furniture (and home) is protected.
  • Keep all warmers and burners out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Never leave a tea light burner unattended.

Why not create your own fragrances? You could pop two or three pieces of different melts into your burner to create something unique! We call it ‘mixology‘ and it’s how we come up with our favourite blends!

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 12 mm

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